Hello there! I’m Ana, an independent graphic designer and illustrator based in the beautiful German city of Düsseldorf.


I grew up and studied in Mexico, but life eventually took me to Germany. It is here that I developed my graphic style, with the influence of both cultures.


Designing wall art became a huge part of my life during my years as a graphic designer at “The bird who told” (local concept store). I started doing city illustrations (Düsseldorf, Cologne, Wuppertal, Paris and Rio de Janeiro, among others), but soon enough I found myself designing and illustrating everything that could interest me.


That is how I discovered I actually love to illustrate! I started my work as a freelancer in 2018. Since then I've had the chance to illustrate things I love and to support great projects with branding, visual identities, editorial design and web design.

I would love to work in projects that help make the world a better, happier place. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a collaboration!

(for realsies):

In 2016 I finished Daniel Luka's S.O.N.T.I. (System Of Natural Tap And Irish Dancing) Teacher Of Tap Dance Program, validated by the UNESCO International Dance Council. Since then, I have been active in several Tap Dance projects. 

Tap Academy Düsseldorf / The Tapengers

Resonance360° of TapThe Cool Cats


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